/naIt/ noun
1 WHEN IT IS DARK (C, U) the dark part of each 24-hour period when the sun cannot be seen: a starry night | at night/by night (=when it is dark): At night the temperature drops below zero. | They travelled by night and slept during the day. | all night (long) (=through the whole night): In New York, some stores stay open all night long. | The party went on all night. | night train/flight/bus (=a train, plane, bus etc that travels at night): We took the night train to Glasgow. | the night sky/air: the cold night air | at dead of night (=in the middle of the night when it is quiet): Their meetings were held in secret at dead of night. | night falls (=it becomes dark): Night was beginning to fall as we sailed into Vera Cruz.
2 WHEN YOU SLEEP the time when most people are in bed: I didn't sleep too well last night. | We had to get up in the middle of the night. | 14 nights in a 5 star hotel | at night (=when it is night): She's so worried she can't sleep at night. | in the night (=during the night): The baby woke up twice in the night. | spend the night: We spent the first two nights of our vacation in a cheap motel. | spend the night with sb (=and have sex with someone) | stay the night (=sleep at someone's house): If you miss the last bus home, you can always stay the night. | a good night's sleep (=when you sleep well all night): You look exhausted! What you need is a good night's sleep. | have a bad night BrE (=not sleep much)
3 EVENING (C, U) the time during the evening until you go to bed: Most nights we just stay at home and watch television. | last night: Where did you go last night? | at night: Do you mean 9:30 in the morning or 9:30 at night? | tomorrow night: My parents are coming for dinner tomorrow night. | the other night spoken (=a few nights ago): Did I tell you I saw Nicky Ansell the other night? | Friday night/Saturday night etc: There's a party at Ben's place on Saturday night. | a night out (=a night when you go to a party, restaurant, theatre etc): Let's go see a band - I could do with a night out. | late at night: Anna doesn't like him walking home late at night.
4 nights especially AmE if you do something nights, you do it regularly or often at night: I lie awake nights. | work nights: I'd hate to work nights - it's so antisocial.
5 night! spoken used to say goodbye to someone when it is late in the evening or when they are going to bed: Night! See you tomorrow!
6 night night! spoken used to say goodbye to someone, especially a child, when they are going to bed
7 night after night every night for a long period: He's out drinking night after night.
8 night and day/day and night all the time: The store is guarded day and night.
9 late night a night when you go to bed later than usual: You're looking sleepy this morning. Too many late nights!
—see also: late­night
10 have an early night to go to bed earlier than usual: I'm exhausted - I think I'll have an early night.
11 last thing at night just before you go to bed: You should never eat cheese last thing at night.
12 at this time of night! spoken used when you are surprised because something happens late at night: Who on earth could be calling at this time of night?
13 first night/opening night the first performance of a play or show: We saw `Miss Saigon' on its opening night.
14 make a night of it to stay out late drinking, dancing etc
—see also: nightly

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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